Tom Solty
Since I am busy with my Master of Painting at the Faculdade de Belas-Artes in Lisbon, I will talk about my on going project which contains an artistic research as well as the practical part where I specialize on oil paintings and sort of painted collages.

My field of Interest lays in figurative painting influenced by the social realism in connection to my heritage and certain personal related happenings. The term of “Authority” and “Abuse” are playing a huge roll in determining my research. The connection to my practical outcome focuses on modern propagandas or movements within I take advantage of search engines such as Google or engines throughout the DarkNet. With assistance of collages, which I build up digitally, the outcome a of more or less “classical” painting shall connect the constrained manner with an contemporary touch. My Professor and Mentor Margarida Prieto is therefore pioneering and most helpful due to her broad knowledge of similar terms.